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Bar-less Flexitank
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Easy-Flexitank/Bar-less Flexitank Characteristics:

o Only flexitank that does not require bulkheads,Steel Bar and other special fitting require-
ments,Lower cost.
o No more trouble with containers as no pressure is exerted to the side of the Container.
o Relaxed selection criteria for containers, expanding the range of usable Containers.
o Protective bonnets design to prevent spillage and maintain cleanliness around the
valve area.
o Two separate but connected fluid compartments designed to prevent liquid from moving.
o Suitable for the same range of products that can transport high dense Non-hazardous
Liquid,Such as molasses,syrup,sorbitol etc.

Easy-Flexitank/Bar-less Flexitank Technical Info,
o Volume: 20,000 litres
o Filling And Discharge: Top Loading and Discharge
o Valve: PP 2" or 3"
o 2 layers PE flim + 1 layers PP frabic
o Food grade materials:HACCP,Kosher,EC and FDA

Easy-Flexitank Advantages:
o Faster, simpler and cheaper installation - can be fitted by one person in 5 Minutes.
o Reduced waste and disposal cost - no need of corrugated paper roll,bulkhead,steel bars,etc.
o Reduced installation risk - much simpler than standard flexitanks
o Recycable and environment friendly.

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