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Service for Container Liner for PTA material
Public Time:2016-07-16 16:48:27 Click:

    On July 13rd, 2016, Our salesman and Engineer gone to the factory of end-user in order
to servise and guide for installation,filling and discharging PTA material for the Container
Liner/Bulk Liner.which we design for packing and transportation for PTA powder(Pure Tere-
phthalic Acid) material.

     Basing on the unloading equipment and requirements for the Bulk Liner from our Custo-
mer, we made a further improvement for the design and material revised, so as to increase
the efficiency and safety for discharging their PTA Cargo.

     Meanwhile,we gave our advices and ideal which help the operator to increase efficiency of
installation,loading and unloading process.From the visual,We know more about the Custo-
mer's requirement,unloading condition and operation detail.

     Anthente--Expert for bulk transportation packing, we make a full set of bulk packaging
solutions for our customers!