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Anthente Renew AIB Certificate In 2017
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     Mar.29th,after 2 days audit by AIB Certificate Centre,Anthente sucess to approval by AIB
and renew our AIB certificate for our flexible packaging products(Flexitank,Container Liner,Dry
Bulk Liner,Wagon Liner,Big Bag,Jumbo Bag,FIBC,Ton Bag etc.).Acting as a manufacturer of
Flexible Packaging, is working to receive the GMP stamp of approval from the AIB (American
Institute of Baking). Following their successful organic certification, Anthente always aiming to
deliver safe and high quality Flexible Packaging Bag to food manufacturers since from 2007,
which will further demonstrate Anthente's bag to safety and hygiene.

   AIB International's audit involves an evaluation of the company’s food safety and hygiene
programme, the manpower required to make it effective, cleaning schedules, methods and
training of hygiene operatives and management's involvement in food safety. Anthente China
expects to achieve the ‘superior rating’ from AIB.

    Anthente's flexible packaging products,like Flexitank,Container Liner,FIBC,Big Bag are made
from food grade PP and PE materials and supplied to food manufacturer in North America and
other regions. As a packaging for Flour,Starch,Corn,Rice,Cooking Oil,Sugar,Bean,Coffee Bean
industies which it is best known for gut health and immunity benefits and has also been linked
to people's eating food.

    Anthente----Experts in bulk transport and packaging, we can provide to customers with a
set of logistics packaging and transport solutions.We offer our large bulk packaging
service for the
world top 500 companies in the world. With the manufacturing for ,
Container Liner,
Bulk Liner, FIBC,Jumbo bag,Bulk bag.