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PC Resin Packaging And Transportation--Sea Bulk Liner
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     On Aug.25th, Our Engineer and Salesman for Container Liner went to the Customer's
factory for unloading guide and do servise for Discharging PC Resin by the Container Liner
/Bulk Liner packaging.which we design and have patent design for loading and transporting
for PC(Polycarbonate) material and other easy flow materials,like PP,PE,PC,PET,PBT etc.

     According to the unloading facility for PC Cargo and requirements for the Bulk Liner from
the Custo
mer,We made a further improvement for the design to stronger reinforcement and
easier operating, so as to keep safer for unloading the PC and increase the speed to shorter for unloading process
. The first batch trial for loading and unloading are successful and the
Customer will start to
use our Container Liner normally.

    Meanwhile,we gave our advices and idea which help the operator to increase efficiency of
installation,loading and Discharging process guide.From our visual,knowing more about the
mer's requirement,unloading condition and operation detail.

    Anthente--Expert in bulk transportation and packaging, we can provide customers with
a complete set of logistics packaging and transport solutions.We offer our bulk packaging
service for the world top 500 companies in the world. With the manufacturing for Flexitank,
Container liner/Bulk Liner, FIBC/Jumbo bag/Bulk bag.