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Fluidizing Liner: Flour Bulk Packaging And Transportation
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                                       (Fluidzing Liner installationa and Loading visual)

    Owning several patents by Anthente's design and manufacturing,The Fluidzing Air system
Container Liner
widely used in very difficult flow and high density products,like Flour,Starch
and Cements etc...

     The fluidzing air system on which equiped at the bottom of Container Liner to inflate it
and let the powder Cargo loosing and easier flow down during the discharging process. To
shorter time for unloading cargo using 1.0~1.5 hours.(about 20~22 tons).

     Anthente,we manufacture Barless Container since from 2012.Including the PE Film Barless
Liner,PP/PE Woven Barless Container Liner.Barless Truck Liner.We are specialized in
bulk transport and packaging, we can provide to customers with a complete
set of Bulk
packaging,like Flexitank,Container Liner,Bulk Bag.

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