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Both our Flexitank/Flexibag and Container Liner/Dry Bulk Liner are the big bulk and tranportation packing
that are equiped 
and used with Container.Which are protected and supported by Container's wall and

Flexitank can be installed in the 20ft Dry Container and used for tranporting non-hazardous liquids.Which
it can load and transport 
16~24tons liquid according.And the Container Liner Bag can be installed in 20ft/
40ft standard dry Container and 20ft/30ft top filling 
Container.Which it can load 14~30tons dry Powder or
granule product.

Flexibag and Container Bulk Liner are a big packing which widely used in Chemical industries,Agriculture
and Food industries.

Anthente Packing with 15 years for design and manufacturing experience and many patents to servise
global customers.

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